The port of Rio Grande in the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul is the second most important port in Brazil.

We are very fortunate to be in a partnership with the TERMASA / TERGRASA – CPTT terminal in Rio Grande. Also the cooperative is only around 7 hours by truck on good roads from the port. This means we are some of the most fortunate providers of legumes, grain and oilseed in Brazil. Transport is only around 10 dollars per ton, while the average in Brazil is closer to 80 USD. Also it means we have access to cheaper products necessary for the production. As you can see on this map, we really need a port:

Where we act in the World

The Port Complex Termasa / Tergrasa – CPTT has computerized operations, certifying company quality, automated discharge with nine dumper trucks, patio for 300 vehicles and 100 cars , seven rail hoppers, covered dock for three barges, four exhaust towers barges.
computerized inventory control, product monitoring ( thermometry and aeration ), high condition of segregation with 184 silos and static storage capacity of 710,000 tons.
The CPTT has dynamic loading of 4.5 tonnes/hour, three berths for mooring ships such as “Panamax” and draft of 42 feet and can simultaneously charge three distinct products.   IMPROVEMENT OF GRAIN
It contains drying and grain cleaning system with a capacity of 100 tonnes/hour.