It was confirmed this Thursday in the Agriculture Outlook Forum that for the second year in a row the area used for the growth of corn, soy bean, wheat, rice, cotton as well as oats will be reduced, there will be only 100,8 million hectares which is about 1% less than last year used for production, this is declared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

The data shows that there has been a reduction on the use of about 3,4 million hectares in the last two years.

The numbers:


Prices force area and space used for growing grains in USA to be reduced

“Along with the change in price, costs of production, and the timing of which the crops were planted, all together these aspects combined will determine the area and space required for the final production.” Explained Johansson, he continued to say that the number of hectares used to grow corn will extend by about 366,4 million hectares by next season, which means that after three years of losing growing space to soy bean it should recover a significant chunk of its terrain in 2016.

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