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What we sell

We only sell agricultural products such as corn, soybean, wheat, sunflower and derived products such as meal and oil.  Through our collaboration with Cotrimao we have acces to a large number of products through the associated producers, factories and partnerships.


We have all the know-how, the team and the proven experience to export products to our clients. We even have priority access to the port co-owned by Cotrimao. Also the distance to port from the majority of our producers is now very long. In 7-8 hours we have the goods at the port.

Type Of Sales We Like

Customer relationship is very important to us. We prefer to deal with the end client directly and we prefer to keep long term relations. We basically enter into two kinds os sales. Spot sales, which often are to be delivered immediately or soon and recurring sales to our clients. We do everything we can to have good and long term customer relations as well as controlling price, quality and delivery to our high criteria.

Are You Interested?

Are you interested in more information? Then please do not hesitate to contact us or looking up more information.


We sell food and feed. We sell grains, cereals and refined products. To mention some: Soybean GMO and NON GMO, soybean meal, soybean oil, yellow corn, white corn, wheat and sunflower seeds.