How We Do It

Brazil soybeans and corn products are meeting international preferences for the quality and the quantities. After peaking in December, China buys less soybeans in 2016 abundant domestic supplies and extensive global supply make Chinese put on the brakes. Waiting for the advancement of the Brazilian harvest to replenish, Asian country reduces imports by 38% in January 2016 and is expected to further slow down in February.

PRIMAVERA AGRCOLA as shareholding company main function is to open the international markets for its cooperative groups.

We have for the time being 12,400 farmers associated with us, 9 crushing factories for soybeans and good facilities at the port of Rio Grande.

We are organizing, administrating, planning and operating to approach international clients to establish long – term business relationship to be favorable for both producers and buyers.

We are organizing the activities related to the sale / purchase contract via yearly contracts with transport companies inside the country and international. This gives us advantages in reducing the price and secures delivery time.

We already paved the way to the financiers/Investors who are targeting Brazil as attractive opportunity to finance and/or invest, by providing 100 security for their finance involvement via professional control the good performance of the contract established with the Brazilian Partner.